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Organize a Group


Do you have friends or family members who love cycling through the European countryside as much as you?

Gather 6 friends and the 7th person received $1000 off their tour!
Gather 11 friends or family and the 12th person travels FREE!

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*Savings can be split among the group
*Not combinable with other savings


Family Savings


We get it, you might think that paying full price for a person half your size is probably not worth it,
which is why children between 0-16 years save!

Children between 8-16 years: 15% off tour price
Children between 4-7 years: 25% off tour price
Children up to 3 years: $750 total

Featured Family Tours:
Assaggio Toscana June 22nd, 2015
Etna and the Aeolian Islands July 11th, 2015


Friend Referrals


Do you have any friends that may be interested in taking a vacation that includes eating well,
drinking well, beautiful hotels, landscapes and bike rides?

Let us send them a catalog or an email.  If they like what they see and book, they receive 5% off
the cost of the trip and you get $200 off a tour once they return! In addition,
if you refer 10 friends and they go on a tour you get an additional $500, which is a total of $2500 in savings!
Click below to:

Refer a Friend

Note: your friend has to be new to our database


Multiple Tours Within a Season


Can’t get enough Ciclismo?

If you take 2 or more tours within a calendar you receive 10% off each tour after your first!
Added incentives for those that book two trips back-to-back.
Give us a call at 800-866-7314 or contact us.

*Not available on private or custom departures


Roommate Share Program


Traveling solo but want to save on the single supplement?

Please review our Accommodations Policy for information on this program