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July 24, 2014

NYT: In Argentina, Cycles and Cameras

Read Article Founder Lauren Hefferon has created a spinoff that focuses on seeing as much as doing. The charter destination for a series of photography tours — called TravelVision Journeys — is northwest Argentina.… Read More


July 01, 2014

Best Bike Trips Around the World

Read Article As the Tour de France approaches, Curious Animal speeds to the finishing line with 21 of the best new bike trips from around the world, including our very own Ireland's Dramatic West Coast.… Read More


June 23, 2014

Outside Magazine: Trips to Check Off Your Adventure Bucket List

Read Article Gear up for the mac daddy of all gran fondos on our eight-day Italian tour with 10,000 fellow cyclists that culminates with the Maratona d'les Dolomites… Read More


June 20, 2014

Slow Food, Fast Rides

Read Article La Bella Puglia, an 8-day tour run by us, features slow food and slow riding: You cover only about 25 miles per day, the better to feast on the scenery as well as the fruits of the landscape.… Read More

Adventure Travel Trade Association

June 11, 2014

Travel + Leisure Mexico Highlights ATTA Member Cycling Adventures

Read Article An Adventure Travel Trade Association member, Ciclismo Classico received an honorable mention for our Bike Across Belgium tour in Travel + Leisure Mexico!… Read More

san fran chronicle logo

June 06, 2014

Argentina: the Next Tuscany

Read Article Our high-altitude wine and photography tour of Argentina makes its debut in the San Francisco Chronicle… Read More