Cycling Ability Levels

When choosing the right bike tour fit for your cycling ability it is important to keep in mind that our levels are specific to each tour. The levels described below are a general description of what to expect, and our experience travel consultants will be able to match you to the perfect tour if you are unsure. Our trips are designed so that you can cycle at your own pace, enjoy your surroundings and take pictures, and re-group at designated rest stops. All of our tours have a support vehicle if you feel like not riding, but we strongly encourage finding the right tour to fit your ability so you can get the full experience and not have to rely on the van!

For more information you can call one of our Travel Consultants at 800-866-7314 or contact us.


Avg. daily distance: 18-35 miles
Terrain: flat

Perfect for the cycling newbies who already enjoys being active, or anyone who just wants to take it easy. Pedal at a meandering pace, stopping to take pictures, savor a leisurely lunch and explore the surroundings. Enjoy quiet roads along flat and rolling terrain zigzagging through vineyards, olive groves and farmland.

Athletic Beginner

Avg. daily distance: 35-45 miles
Terrain: flat and rolling

You're not an avid cyclist, but you are fit and love to exercise regularly. You cycle 2-3 times a week and enjoy exploring on your bike. Enjoy flowing pace with plenty of time throughout the day to indulge in the local specialties, take in the local culture and enjoy the magnificent views. There will be an occasional hill, more rolling terrain and higher mileage.


Avg. daily distance: 40-50 miles
Terrain: rolling with some hills

You love being active and cycling is your preferred way. You are in good physical condition and ride whenever you can. Intermediate tours maintain a steady pace with opportunities to push yourself by tackling challenging climbs with great descents over stunning terrain. You'll still have time to explore and enjoy the landscape and towns you'll visit.


Avg. daily distance: 45+ miles
Terrain: hilly with long climbs

You are an avid cyclist who trains regularly, participates in bicycling events and is eager to plan their next bicycling vacation. You enjoy a vigorous ride, challenging climbs and thrilling descents. These "Epic" and "follow the race" tours are spectacular and have plenty of classic climbs and are perfect for cyclists who covet long mileage with lots of hills and varying terrain.

Family Bike Tours

Avg. daily distance: 18-30 miles
Terrain: Flat

Perfect for families with children under 16, family bike tours are filled with easy cycling, accessible culture, endless discovery and healthy and hearty meals. Your family will bike, kayak, swim, horseback ride and cook... all while staying in cozy villas and beautiful B&Bs.